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  • Cast body construction, strong and stable, ensuring, no vibration grinding.Traverse and abrasion-resistant bearing aredurable.Stable positioning.Can use emery wheel blades, emery taps, cloth roller, or linen Rollers for polishing.Dust covers can be added when customer required。
  • 1. Convenient maintenance and simple replacement of sand wheels;2. It is possible to adj ust the cutting angle, position and modes manually;3. Dust hood is also available upon demands by customers.
  • 1. The pneumatic hammer ofthis product is original TC 300 imported from Japan;2. Mechanical vibration is adopted to strip the profilc shell off the castings, and high impact frequency means superior cleaning performance;3. This machine has a vertical structure, which provides ideal stabilily; power
  • 1. The exhaust gas temperature is less than 400 degrees, the waste heat recovery ffciency is more than 80%, the fuel consumption is low, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.2. The uniformity of furmnace temperature is good. By using high temperature combustion technology, alternate combustion
  • High-pressure fire injection burning system, automatic temperature control.Routing to smoke at the bottom of the rear transmission less heat loss.Furnace walls composed of three Layer bricks, with strong and durable construction.Furnace heating rapidly, temperature uniformity, no dust.Furnace door h
  • 1. Steam insulation is adopted to reduce the risk of oil penetrating into wax liquid, and the fire safety factor is high;2. Energy saving, safe and reliable performance, long service life of wax;3.The temperature of each barrel is adjusted independently;4.Electric heating steam generator, pres
  • 1.Finstly, the sand powder is precipitated and filtered through the static tank, and then the water is removed from the wax water separation host2.Using steam heating method, the wax liquid circulates to the 5-layer steam heating water evaporation plate through the special pneumatic wax fling cylind
  • 1. This equipment uses three-phase 380 V electric energy heating, saving environmental protection.2. This equipment belongs to double plate pressure vessel, because the outer length is in high pressure and high temperature state when working, the surface temperature in the furnace is kept above 140℃
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Dongying Kunwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful central city of the Yellow River Delta-Dongying Economic Development Zone, with convenient transportation and beautiful natural scenery. Our company is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, and process technology, specializ··· ...
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Brand strategy is the core competitiveness of kunwei brand. In order to obtain different profits and values, kunwei always grasps the target audience and fully transmits the correlation identification between its own products and brand culture.

  • 2015
    Date of establishment
  • 5000㎡
    Area of existing production base
  • 10+
    Number of countries covered by kunwei products
  • 50+
    Number of active employees
Kunwei machinery is an enterprise integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing and process technology, specializing in complete sets of precision casting equipment
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    Reflow soldering technology is to realize the mechanical and electrical connection between the solder end or pin of the surface assembly component and the PCB pad by remelting the paste solder allocated to the PCB pad in advance.Reflow soldering technology is not new to us in the field of elec...
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    1. The maintenance system of reflow soldering equipment needs to be developed. After using reflow soldering, we must do equipment maintenance, otherwise it is difficult to maintain the service life of the equipment.2. Daily inspection and maintenance shall be carried out for all parts, and spe...
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    We know that there will be more or less problems in the shipping process of wire reels. These problems will lead to the instability of quality at a certain time. In a certain time, especially in the process of transportation, we should pay attention that such problems cannot occur. The cable tray sh...
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